Transcotland self-guided walking holidays
map of Scotland
Scotland is a great place for a walking holiday. For a small country it has a tremendous variety of scenery. Despite its size you will often be walking with no one else in sight. And our routes will take you through an abundance of wildlife and past some fascinating historic and pre-historic sites. Scotland is generally a safe country to visit. Even if you are hiking in the remotest places you don't have to worry about bears and wolves because they were eradicated centuries ago.

Scottish people are, by tradition, hospitable and warm-hearted, and the sun does shine in Scotland. If not, you only have to wait a short time for the weather to change. Besides, there's always the whisky...

Transport to Scotland:
Scotland has two main airports - Glasgow and Edinburgh. Both have direct links to cities in Canada and the USA and have direct flights from the major European capitals and hub airports. See the travel information page for more information.

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