Transcotland self-guided walking holidays

Feedback from previous clients:

"Scottish Hospitality was a great experience."
P. van Heugten, The Netherlands - West Highland Way.

"Everything was terrifically well arranged. We had beautiful weather and the scenery was outstanding."
R.W.Stigter, The Netherlands - West Highland Way.

"Good Bed & Breakfasts, travelling descriptions and baggage transfer. We most enjoyed walking through a fantastic landscape and a warm welcome at the Bed & Breakfast accommodations."
Ms J. Hoogeland-van Ankum, The Netherlands - West Highland Way .

"We had an exciting and beautiful holiday. We did appreciate the background info and route guidance."
Mr Stijve & Mrs Kasper, The Netherlands - Coast to Coast.

"Very enjoyable and interesting. accommodation was very comfortable, we especially liked the breakfast and the friendly welcome everywhere. We most enjoyed the landscape and the friendly people we met."
Mr & Mrs Klausch, Germany - West Highland Way.

"Exceeded all expectations and hopes! Well supported by information. All worked perfectly - especially enjoyed the variety of B&Bs and people."
Ms Mason, Australia - West Highland Way.

"We most enjoyed the landscape and the friendliness of the Scottish people! We will come back another year."
Burgler Party, Switzerland - West Highland Way .

"The best walking ever, we surely will come back. We enjoyed the accommodation, the walks, the nature, the people and Scotland."
Mr & Mrs Holm, Denmark - Coast to Coast.

"Enjoyed the friendly Scottish people, the landscape and meeting a lot of other walkers."
U. Rieger & A. Gehrmann, Germany - West Highland Way.

"Most enjoyed the scenery, the challenge and fresh air."
L. Wilson & C. Mackay, UK - West Highland Way .

"Everything was perfectly organised, good food, clean and comfortable accommodations "
Mr Schmid & Mrs Ramsauer, Switzerland - West Highland Way.

"In a word - Marvellous."
Mr van der Gijp & Mrs Julsing, The Netherlands - Coast to Coast.

"Route guidance and maps are outstanding."
C. Taylor & G. Brewer, USA - Coast to Coast.

"Compliments for the excellent accommodations and the luggage transfer."
Mr T.Hoek & Mr Akkermans, The Netherlands - West Highland Way.

"It was very exciting to be in Scotland again and in the Highlands. Thanks again and every thing was perfect."
Brandt Party, Germany - Coast to Coast.

"We enjoyed very much our coast-to-coast walk in Scotland. A variety of landscapes; the romantic east and the rough west. Excellent maps, nice accomodations and lovely people. This was our first visit to Scotland and we hope to come back to enjoy more of your wonderful country."
P. Kortenhorst, The Netherlands - Coast to Coast .

"Thank you very much for the good organisation. We had a very good trip and we had a lot of nice souvenirs to take home (landscapes, food, walks, and so on)."
Studer Party. Switzerland - Glen Affric.

"Outstanding - we enjoyed it very much."
H.R. Valkonet, The Netherlands - West Highland Way.

"The waymarks were very good and the guidebook and information sent to us were very informative and interesting."
P. De Wolff, The Netherlands - West Highland Way.

"We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the very hospitable and friendly Scottish people."
Mr Kooijmans, The Netherlands - West Highland Way.

"The walking was varied, interesting and testing enough to feel a sense of achievement."
Mr & Mrs Waddams, England - West Highland Way.

"We really liked the information package we received. It gave good information and we found it very useful."
Mr Princin, The Netherlands - West Highland Way .

"Everything was perfect, all the accommodations were really nice and the people there lovely."
K. Giese, Austria - West Highland Way .

"The walk lived up to expectations and all your work in arranging worked very well."
Mr Millross, Wales - Great Glen Way.

"Most Enjoyed the beautiful countryside and very kind people."
Mrs Dijkstra, The Netherlands - Coast to Coast.

"Our first time in Scotland and our first walking holiday has been a very positive experience. The route guidance and maps are a great help in finding our way perfectly."
Mr P. Damours & Ms S. Vermeersch, Belgium - Highland Perthshire .

"Everything was well organised and thought out - we have had a great holiday."
P. Murray, England - West Highland Way .

"The accommodations were really nice, clean and friendly. ".
Mr & Mrs Winterhalder, Switzerland - West Highland Way .

"We most enjoyed the beautiful scenery, solitude of the routes and the history of the land."
k. Conaway & M. Hartman - USA Coast to Coast .

"All in all it was a fantastic vacation."
Schreiner, Germany - West Highland Way .
"Exhilarating and beyond our expectations - full of wonderful pleasures, sights, comforts and challenges - hard to imagine a better celebration of our 25th anniversary. Thanks for the tour - it shows great expertise and planning!"
Mr & Mrs Vanderhorst, USA - Coast to Coast .

"The routes and maps were clear and we were well provided for. We have enjoyed our holiday in Scotland very much. We can confirm that crossing the moor from east to west is certainly amongst one of the best walks in Scotland"
Mr Meijer & Mrs Goes, The Netherlands - Coast to Coast .

"We really enjoyed the holiday & would do a similar trip again. Everything worked well & was well organised"
Dr Nimmo & Mr Boyd, UK - West Highland Way .

"We most enjoyed the scenery, the hospitality, meeting other hikers along the way and the fact that we didn't have to carry more than a day pack. We had a great feeling of accomplishment at the end of the hike"
Mrs Almquist & Mrs Dolcetti, Canada - West Highland Way .

"Once again, we had a wonderful holiday, we enjoyed the beauty of the landscapes we walked through, the profusion of wild flowers, the songs of the birds and the lack of people. "
J. & W. Castle, USA - Glen Affric .

"Thank you for all your hard work in organising accommodation etc. - it all worked out really well"
Littlewood family, UK - Great Glen Way.

"The holiday was wonderful, we really enjoyed ourselves and will recommend Transcotland to our friends. We enjoyed walking in remote countryside, the heather, the friendliness of the Scottish people, the quality of the food and accommodation and visiting historic and prehistoric sites"
Lex family, USA - Highland Perthshire .

"The whole holiday lived up to our expectations and more. Your organisation was great..."
M. Goodwin, York, England - West Highland Way .

"People were most helpful and friendly along the way..."
Mr & Mrs van der Veer, Tucson, Arizona, USA - West Highland Way .

"The bed and breakfasts were all excellent, the choice of routes was very good, your directions were exact, and the daily mileage was comfortable..."
D. Wallace, Maine, USA - Coast to Coast .

"Recommendations on food and comments on accommodations were realistic and helpful..."
J. Fierle, New York, USA - Coast to Coast .

"The combination of route specific and OS maps meant that even we couldn't get lost!"
Mr R. Pennington, Surrey, UK - Highland Perthshire Trail .

"Well organised tour, everything without problems! Thank you!"
Mr & Mrs Matthias, Germany - West Highland Way .

"A most relaxing and varied walk through beautiful landscape."
K. Pettersson, Stowmaw, Sweden - West Highland Way .

"Excellent vacation, the freedom offered by the flawless baggage transfer was great! The region offers nice variety, scenic walking, antiquities, shopping and great food."
T. & C. Gibson, USA - Highland Perthshire Trail.

"All the accommodations were great. All the hosts were very charming and helpful. We thought the routing was very good as far as showing us a varied picture of Scotland."
Mr & Mrs Bargeron, Alabama, USA - Coast to Coast .

"We thought the organisation represented by your route guidance was truly wonderful."
J. & W. Castle, USA - Coast to Coast.

"Everything went very smoothly and we really enjoyed ourselves. All the accommodation was great and the owners very friendly and helpful."
G. & S. Mace, New Zealand - West Highland Way.

"We had a marvellous time. The walk was great, the accommodations were wonderful. The holiday was exactly right for us."
S. Shugars & D. Manley, USA - West Highland Way.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. Accommodations were excellent and the packet of information sent to the States before we departed was outstanding."
Armstrong Family, USA - Borders Trail .

"We enjoyed it very much, accommodation was all on a high standard and breakfasts all excellent. The Scottish people are very friendly and the scenery is beautiful".
Mr & Mrs Gras, The Netherlands - West Highland Way.

"Food, accommodation and baggage transfer were all excellent, and we enjoyed the ability to travel at our own pace."
C. & K. Dunkley, USA - Highland Journey .

"Thoroughly enjoyable with very good build up to increasingly dramatic and majestic scenery. Thank you for organising such a memorable holiday for us."
Charles Hill, David Williams & David Betts, England - Coast to Coast .

"We deeply enjoyed the holiday. Superb organisation, friendly and hospitable accommodations."
Mr Kwast & Mr Gras, The Netherlands - West Highland Way, .

"This is to thank you for a great itinerary with good BB/Hotels. The last 2 days between Rannoch Station and Glencoe were a great finish ! Many thanks."
Alan Scott, England. Coast to Coast, .

"Thank-you for the wonderful trip we had in Scotland. We had a marvellous time and enjoyed everywhere we went and everyone we met. Once again, thank you very much for helping us have a wonderful vacation."
Elisabeth & Michael Shoenberger, USA - Highland Journey .

"The holiday was fantastic! All the accommodation was superb. Thanks again for making the trip so easy and enjoyable."
P. Macoun & C. McDougal, Wales - West Highland Way/Highland Highway, .

"The hiking was fabulous, we had great food, the towns were charming, the people were friendly - what more could we want?"
Gail Donaldson & Marty Nicolson, USA - Highland Journey .

"Enjoyed the holiday very much, the accommodation food and baggage transfer were excellent".
L. Maddrell & J. van Velde, Belgium - Borders Trail, .

"Congratulations on your 1st class organisation... all hosts were very kind and friendly offering welcome cups of tea, drying areas and one even polished our boots!!"
John & Sheena McInnes, England - West Highland Way, .

"We really enjoyed the varied scenery and the great hospitality"
Jim Johnson & Coleen Quinn, USA - West Highland Way, .

"Our trip with Transcotland was wonderful and the stay in Blair Atholl was grand. We found all your directions to be clear and helpful, both on the trail and off of it."
Linda Vaccariello & Eric Burgmann, USA - Atholl Trail, .

"We especially liked the silence, the nature, the birds and the walking. Thank you very much, we had a very nice and special honeymoon!"
Renska Jelsma & Folmer Rijpkema, The Netherlands - Highland Journey, .

"all hosts most welcoming & helpful, excellent evening meals... we found your attention to detail without fault. An excellent experience we hope to repeat one day."
David Salkeld & Family, Australia - Highland Journey, .

"we had a great holiday - thanks"
Paul Steinnman, The Netherlands - West Highland Way, .

"we really enjoyed our stay in Scotland and we hope to do so again"
M. Mme Simonnot J.-Marc, France - West Coast & Islands, .

"The accommodation was all very good, and the people friendly & helpful"
Mrs J. Gibb, England - Borders Trail, .

"Excellent ! Each B&B has its own charm - good selection"
Ms. A. Stancik, New Jersey, USA - Highland Journey, .

"it was beautiful and the Way was great"
Mr & Mrs Pfaff, Germany - West Highland Way, .

"we really enjoyed our time here and found things organized very well"
Martien & Margaret de Vries, The Netherlands - Highland Journey, .

"accommodation & food were excellent, everything perfect"
Mr Mathijsse, The Netherlands - West Highland Way, .

"Six wonderful days ..... admiring step by step your beautiful Scottish scenery. We enjoyed every moment"
Janet Reinstra, California, USA - West Highland Way, .

"The quality of the welcome and of the accommodation, the kindness of the hosts, the precision of the route instructions..........everything was perfect."
Philippe Brossier & family, France - Highland Journey, .

"Great experience. We had a wonderful time."
David & Dhera Strauss, Texas, USA - Highland Journey, .

"Transcotland did a great job. Smashing holiday. Thanks a lot."
David & Carole Newton-Smith, Australia - West Highland Way, .

"It was lovely. Very well accommodated. We enjoyed all the walks."
Ms Hamakers & Ms Raymakers, Netherlands - Borders Trail, .

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